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創造放鬆體驗空間 Create a relaxing experience space at work

創造體驗空間:我們每個人都需要於工作時小休一下10~15分鐘。在體驗空間中建立不是乏味的休息室、遊戲室、咖啡吧或瑜伽館可激發員工的精神, 使他們保持快樂和忠誠度。

Create experiential spaces: We all need a 10~15 mins

break in work. Instead of a lackluster breakroom,

build in experiential spaces. A game room, coffee bar,

or yoga studio can lift employees’ spirits and keep

them happy and engaged.

Natalie Wong - Career Muse Chief HR Consultant, RTHK 電台主持,節目監製(職場及綜合健康), 職涯規劃師, 認證職業服務商, 前上市集團人力資源主管。。

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