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透日光的辦公室, 員工會開心些 A Office with nature day light, the employee will be happier

早上於透日光的辦公室享受三十分鐘, 己能夠啟動眼底的血清素神經, 開心開始一天的工作。


Enjoying the 30-minute sun-drenched office in the morning can activate the serotonin nerve of the fundus, start the day's work happily.

Add plants: Plants purify the air and boost mental wellbeing as a calming decorative feature. A little greenery goes a long way toward improving workplace health and wellness.

Natalie Wong - Career Muse Chief HR Consultant, RTHK 電台主持,節目監製(職場及綜合健康), 職涯規劃師, 認證職業服務商, 前上市集團人力資源主管。

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